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That would seem super inconvenient. Right, that's correct. Seems the omnibus is just the Zero Hour-connected tie-ins and not the mostly independent Zero Month issues, except where specifically relevant. Whereas the character-focused collections have a broader range. That doesn't seem wrong to me necessarily, though I see how you might have to double-dip if you want those zero issues. Indeed not a big fan of double dipping. Gonna hope for a zero month omnibus or companion trade.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. He harvested the data from World of Warcraft WoW , the wildly popular online fantasy game. But the data are a challenge to interpret. But not all of the avatars blasting at each other were controlled by humans. Half of them were bots programmed by scientists in the room, nervously monitoring their programs for crashes.

Action-based video games can offer an alternative Turing test. Just the basic demographic information associated with the guilds amounted to million dimensional data points that represent information on the levels, skills, and activities of the players. The method works by identifying the most extreme data points—in this case, the guilds that are most different from each other—and describes the rest of the guilds as combinations of these archetypes.

The rules are simple: Avatars controlled by humans and bots are dropped in a complex environment littered with weapons. Each round, some of the human players—the judges—must decide which of their opponents are machine-controlled, based solely on their behavior. Its bot represents a leap forward for game AI, says Hingston, because the team used machine consciousness, a technique rarely applied because of its complexity. Plotting data above from guilds in World of Warcraft—this one left is named Science—revealed the social evolution in that virtual world.

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Only a small fraction of guilds are active, those run by highly organized, ambitious groups of players. A team led by Georgios Yannakakis, a computer scientist at the IT University of Copenhagen, described player behavior in Tomb Raider: Underworld, a single-person game in which a gun-toting female archaeologist steals artifacts from ruins. They analyzed data from 10, players on the Xbox Live network, covering 35 different variables such as the use of weapons, the rate of progress, and whether it was tigers, traps, or other hazards that killed them.

The humans are dead!

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There are still panicked workers to be near. And to make matters worse, one of player and the other agents are doing is cruyour crew is injured. How do you proceed?

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But playing it teamwork. But serious games architecture shows promise. Beginners take on only simple jobs lands. Yet the nonplayer characters NPCs in the games usually follow tightly scripted behaviors, so unless you play exactly as the programmer expects, NPCs behave like confused robots. A so-called serious game trains rescue proper level. The bot has a set of innate behaviors that are regulated by a higher control system, similar to the role of a conscious mind.

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Perennials such as switchgrass deserve further study. The direct climate impact of land-use change associated with bioenergy expansion such as a shift from annual to perennial cropping systems has received little attention. Changes to local hydrology caused by large-scale perennial systems may be complex, and thus require careful evaluation. However, our Policy Forum focused on the advantages of developing perennial grain crops 1 , not bioenergy crops that can displace staple food crops.

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We did not propose, as Georgescu and Lobell claim, a mechanism by which perennial crops utilize a greater portion of natural precipitation than annual crops. We also did not propose that perennial crops more efficiently produce biomass per amount of precipitation-derived water that is transpired. Shifting from annual to perennial food crops would likely have important consequences for how water is managed in agricultural landscapes, just as shifting from perennialdominated native vegetation to annual crops has had dramatic, but generally detrimental, impacts.

For example, the conversion of native forests to annual wheat production in southwest Australia disrupted the native hydrologic cycle, resulting in the rise of subsurface salts to the surface 2. Scientists there believe that example, the drawdown of soil water 2 and enhanced evapotranspiration from perennial relative to annual cropping systems 3 could lead to long-term depletion of the soil-water column, as well as changes in clouds and rainfall in downwind locales.

Quantifying local and remote consequences for hydrology and climate resulting from a shift from annual to perennial bioenergy crops is therefore required if longterm sustainability of biomass production is to be attained. Georgescu, D.

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Lobell, C. Field, Geophys. Hickman, A. VanLoocke, F. Dohleman, C. Bernacchi, GCB Bioenerg. Perennial grain crop adoption would likely be advantageous in terms of climate change as well. Greater soil carbon storage and reduced input requirements mean that perennials have the potential to mitigate global warming. For example, perennial cropping systems have been shown to have net negative greenhouse gas emissions, whereas annual cropping systems tend to result in net positive greenhouse gas emissions 7.

With more of their reserves protected belowground and with access to more soil moisture, perennials may also be more resilient to temperature increases predicted by some climate change models 8. BELL,3 J. COX,1 T. GILL,10 J. HU,12 B. TAO,12 D. WADE,19 D. WYSE,20 Y. Lefroy, R. Stirzaker, Agrofor. Bell et al.