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Daddy Wake Up! (A short story about the toll of death on children!) A short story about a 8 year old who has to deal with the death of her father and the.
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Since he had cancer, no autopsy was done. You guys have some heart breaking things going on in your lives. Im so sorry for all of your hardships. I can say… when I was at my worst, I lost communication with the large majority of my friends and I was too depressed to do much of anything more than I had to. I just didnt know where to turn.

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I went out on a limb and went to a church. I continued to go and that weekly inspiration carried me through every week until I got stronger. I remember a point where I felt so helpless, I just laid in my bed, crying in depression and sadness.

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  • I reached for my bible and hugged it because I just had nothing else. It was my savior. My heart hurts for you and im sure your family would be sad to know of your sadness. Every day is a gift.

    My Elderly Mother Is Never Happy

    The best we can do is honor our loved ones by living this and each day to the fullest. God bless. Having lost both my dad suddenly after he went for a run when I was 22, my mom when I was 25 and brother when I was 28 I could never describe how I felt.

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    I only knew survival mode. But my body paid a price; chronic migraines, fibromyalgia and TMJ. Faith and hope got me to the point of reflecting on art and scriptures to finally feel again. Pastoral counseling led me to therapy where a mix of talk, pet, equine and biofeedback has enhanced coping skills when feeling overwhelmed or disconnected. A dream realized from my childhood, my parents would be thrilled for me!

    Daddy Wake Up! (A short story about the toll of death on children!)

    I rejoice in that, and will continue to live for more dreams realized that make me truly, deeply happy all these years later; as this is what my parents would want — a happy, healthy, mentally, physically, spiritually, best I can be me. The doctor let her go on hospice finally the call she had passed I was only 20 when she died. Thanks to each of you for sharing your experiences here. This ongoing dialogue is heartwarming, and we encourage you to continue talking about your experiences with mental health issues and therapy with a wider audience via the Share Your Story feature on our blog.

    Writing your story may be healing for you and encouraging to others. Warm regards, The GoodTherapy. I lost my mother when i was 5yr, father at age of Bought up by legal gurdians, its childhood grief i have not came out of it till date, i find myself so lonely, i dont socialise because that creates attachment, afeection, care and love i hate all these words, i be with people but only if i feel like, i dont know how to cope up with all this, i run away from people who try to read me or care for me, i have becume so practical in life that at times i dont even care for other people emotions, and equally if will fully i get attached to any then i become there headache..

    This is. Hi Rachel, I am from UK too and now If you are interested in talking I would be too. I have struggled to find anyone else in a similar situation since all this happened. If anyone else wants to I think we should set up a uk group and set up some forum for discussion with a view to a group meet up. What do you think? I would be interested in a UK group too. My dad died when I was 18 months old and my mum died a week ago after 4 years of terminal cancer. My dad broke his leg, hospitalised, diagnosed to be riddled with cancer and died within 8wks of diagnosis.

    I was 3mths pregnant aged 29 when he died. My mum died 2yrs later. Not a day goes by when I do not think about them. My daughter is 18 now and I am so terribly sad that she never had her nan and grandad and I still so very cross that they were taken from me so young. I get upset seeing friends with their parents and their kids with their grandparents and jealous, really jealous, which makes me cross again and then sad again, a viscous circle of jealousy, sadness and anger.

    Best Wishes Natalie. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her colon or stomach area not even sure where it originated because it was so far gone in Feb and died Dec My step father who felt like my father, died of unknown causes Feb 23 , almost 3 months later. I was 27 years old. I am pretty much an only child except for two much older half brothers from my father. My biological father is 84 years old and lives in another state. Most of the family friends that my parents had are not in contact anymore, and I cling to the few dear friends I have.

    My mother took sleeping pills when i was 22 just before her pancreatic cancer woukd have killed her and my alcoholic father shot himself when I was I lost both of my parents within a period of five months. They both just dropped dead. There were no goodbyes.

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    No letters. Probably a heart attack. No inheritance since neither had money to buy life insurance at the time. I think of how horrible their story is then I see your response. I guess that every story is horrible. Your parents story especially makes me sad. My mother was terminally with cancer at 58 when my father suddenly dropped dead with a massive heart attack at just That was 25 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. My sisters and I struggled to cope as the loss was so immense but really we just froze our emotions as it was too much. I returned to work and tried to get on with it but there was a terrible tiredness there all the time, a leaden weight pulling me down all the time.

    A couple of years later, in a very demanding stressful job, I found myself making mistakes. I approached my doctor and he listened and noted this on my record. I made more mistakes and my employer started disciplinary proceedings against me. It was a very low time and very worrying for me as the sole wage earner in my household. One week before Christmas my employer dismissed me from my job. It was a devastating blow after losing my parents and realising that this was what was underlying my problems at work.

    I had delayed bereavement. Despite reports from mental health professionals that I had been affected in this way and that this was affecting my work capacity, despite my GP telling them that I had consulted him worried about making mistakes and not knowing why, I was dismissed. So far so bad but somehow strength grew in me to fight back and I did.

    I must have inherited some legal ability from my lawyer mother and researched at length how to win my appeal by showing how wrong my employer had been. I succeeded and got my job back. During my research and preparation I had also found out that a close work friend was betraying me, passing details of my appeal plans to higher levels in the organisation.